• “Polo, your work is beyond mere words. Thank you for an incredibly emotional album, I played it through a full four times, and was intuitively playing harmonies in my 'soul' along with the fabulous team of musicians you all are. Pure magic!"   Chris Fagg , UK
  • “I only listen to good music, that's why I like Polo Piatti’s. What is life without music and people like him who create it?”   Mervyn Hayes, UK
  • "I've got such a buzz from your music, but also from your speaking and presentation. The cover of the CD is very haunting, and instantly remind me of the Abbey Road album cover (?) with added sorrow for the present. Sal's instant favourite was the last piece!”   Michel Duvoisin, Canada/UK
  • “The CD is wonderful, the mood is fantastic. Thank you!”  Stewart Marshall-Rush, Berlin, Germany
  • “The music is exquisite."  Andrew Stamp, USA/UK
  • “Polo: So thrilled with your new CD. There are some real gems on this collection. Very well done! I continue to admire all your work.”  Louise Denny, UK
  • “Who said romantic music was dead?”  Robert March, UK
  • “An awesome album. Thank you!”  Jenny Friars, USA
  • “Congratulations on a beautiful cd. As you say, the emotional response to music transcends nationalities and cultures”.  Anthony Slack, UK